Drosophila neuroscience teaching in Uganda

I recently found out about this super cool charity that was originally founded by a few Cambridge biology PhD students: www.trendinafrica.com

The idea is to introduce Drosophila to African neuroscience labs (who currently mainly work on rats) as a cheap, convenient and awesome model organism. The way they are doing this is by running some pretty intense summer courses with a whole bunch of lecturers from different universities. The courses cover theory, but also focus a lot on practical skills – everything from running and maintaining a fly lab, to making and using equipment, to how to find open access lab protocols and obtain reagents. The charity also set up a fully functioning fly neuroscience lab at the University of Uganda, using sponsorship money and donated lab equipment.

There’s a Facebook page, as well as a blog from the 2011 course. Check out the pictures on the blog – I was really impressed with some of the improvised equipment they were using!