Hi there, and thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Jelena Aleksic, and I am a bioinformatics postdoc at the University of Cambridge. I did my PhD working on Drosophila in Steve Russell’s lab at the Department of Genetics, and have since migrated to mice and humans – I now work in Michaela Frye’s lab at the Cambridge Centre for Stem Cell Research.

I’m broadly interested in the logic of genome regulation – while this originally meant studying transcription factors and cis-regulatory modules, I find myself spending more and more time studying the strange world of epigenetics. Our lab studies RNA methylation and its effect of stem cell differentiation, so my current work is focused on integrating data from mRNA-seq, sRNA-seq, bisulfite seq, iCLIP and ribosomal profiling, to get an idea of the effects of RNA methylation on different levels of genome regulation.

I love writing – so much so, that I do it freelance in my spare time: http://www.sciencewriting.co.uk. I also do photography, as well as more than a little fire performance.

If you’d like to give me a shout, do leave me a comment or say hello to me on Twitter (@firegenome).


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